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The District

The District was created by an order of the Commissioners Court of Fort Bend County in 1988, and confirmed by the District’s voters in 1998, and operates pursuant to Chapter 49 and 57 of the Texas Water Code. The District is a conservation and reclamation district created pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 57, Texas Water Code and Article XVI, Section 59 of the Texas Constitution. The principal functions of the District include constructing and maintaining levees and other improvements on, along and contiguous to rivers, creeks and streams within and adjacent to the District; reclamation of lands within the District from overflow from these streams; the control and distribution of the waters of rivers and streams within and adjacent to the District by straightening and otherwise improving them; the provision of proper drainage and other improvements of the reclaimed land within the District and developing and maintaining recreational facilities.

The District contains approximately 768 acres of land and is located entirely within Fort Bend County, Texas, approximately 22 miles southwest of the central business district of the City of Houston, Texas. The District lies adjacent to and north of U.S. 59 at its intersection with Grand Parkway, Grand Parkway bisects the Districts from north to south. The District is located entirely within the corporate boundaries of the City of Sugar Land and the boundaries of the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District

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Rodney Vannerson, SECRETARY